Pest & Disease Control

Protect your Indiana lawn

Grub Control

Grubs are the white C-shaped larvae of various beetles, including the Japanese Beetle. They are approximately 3/8 to 1/2 inch with metallic green heads and shiny bronze colored wing covers. The Japanese Beetle grub is the most damaging grub in the Midwest. They feed on grass roots, causing large patches of turf to wilt or die, usually in sunny or exposed locations. Damage from grub feeding can range from mild to severe and the damaged turf can often be rolled up like a carpet due to the extensive feeding of the roots. The adult Japanese Beetle takes flight and lays their eggs in June and early July. This is when you need to do a preventative treatment on your lawn. Damage can occur from mid July into the fall. The Japanese Beetle can also do extensive feeding on the foliage of many flowering shrubs and various species of trees.

Mole Control

Moles can cause lots of damage to lawns and gardens. Their main food source are earthworms but they also feed on beetles, ants and other insect larvae. Moles burrow/tunnel through the ground and can tunnel up to 15 feet per hour. Moles are present year round, but from spring to fall their tunnels are just a few inches below the surface for feeding purposes. These shallow tunnels appear as ridges from the surface.

Since the moles primary food source is earthworms, we use a worm-shaped mole bate that mimics the look and smell of an earthworm to lure active moles who are currently creating tunnels in your yard. After just one feeding, that particular mole will no longer be a problem after about 2 days and in most cases will not come back to the surface again. As we set the bait, we wear gloves so that the moles will not be able to pick up any scent of a human on the bait or in the runs. After the baits are set it is best to stay clear of these runs until we don’t see anymore mole activity. When we don’t see anymore activity or new runs, we will know the moles are gone.

Perimeter Pest Control

The perfect place for a bug or insect to nest is the foundation of your home. Plants, shrubs, mulch and other foundation features add beauty to your home, but they can also be an ideal location for creepy-crawly life forms to populate. Our pest control treatments are applied around the perimeter of your house to keep these creepy crawlers outside where they belong. Ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs and their friends that attempt to cross this barrier are wiped out on contact.

Lawn Disease Management

Of all the pests that damage lawns, fungal diseases are some of the most difficult to tame. There are hundreds of diseases that can infect your turf. Some are relatively harmless; others can destroy an entire lawn in a very short time. To reduce disease, keep the lawn healthy and growing with proper feeding, mowing and thatch control measures.

Call us if you notice discoloration, brown spots or circular patches in your yard, you may be dealing with a disease. Once a fungus strikes, we know how to combat with the right fungicide and proper dosage.

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