About Greenway

Central Indiana Lawn Care Services

Greenway Lawn and Tree Services is a local company with a strong commitment to hard work, integrity and providing exceptional service at competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service is rooted in the fact that the communities we serve are the very neighborhoods we live in and our customers are, quite literally, our friends and neighbors.

Tony and Wendy Miller consider Greenway a family business. In 2003, they started a small landscape and snow removal company, called EA Outdoors. They quickly began to realize there was a need to offer lawn treatment services for their residential and commercial customers. The desire to meet this need, resulted in the development of Greenway Lawn and Tree Services. Over the years, Greenway has remained focused on the core principles that were established early on. While Greenway has grown over the years, Tony and Wendy still think of their company as a family business and it truly is one, as their children have not only grown-up learning about the business but have joined the team and serve as part of the office staff.

– Tony and Wendy Miller


What We Do

Greenway provides quality lawn services to a wide variety of local communities. We are dedicated to our customers, and genuinely work to meet their every need. We have selected a small area that we serve because we believe being personable is key in our company. We know Indiana communities. We know Indiana cultures. We know Indiana lawns. We are the best, and we are right in YOUR backyard! Not only will you get THE BEST service on the market, but you will also be supporting a local business that is here specifically for you!

Our Services

We provide a wide scope of services to meet every last one of your needs. Do you want the perfect lawn? We want to help! Enjoy your lawn this summer! Spend your time outside, and enjoy it too! Take back your lawn from bugs and weeds, go Greenway! Check out our list of services here, and get the lawn of your dreams!

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